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An entertainment nation, Kallamore Kingdom takes up most of the north-eastern part of the Palace Lands. It has a high magi-technological society running a lot of Relics left behind by the Alv, and use them for entertainment in the form of casinos, television screens, and arena battles. It is known for the largest and most powerful military force in the entire Palace Lands region thanks to the Arenas being central to their entertainment society. Its society is a 'Pure Capitalist' society, where money equates to power and is the start and end of every conversation. There does not appear to be a central controlling body of power. Its root town, Lumina Cloth, is a massive marvel of a city holding skyscrapers and a lot of light polution. There is always a party going on in Lumina Cloth.

The Kingdom doesn't have any known spokesmen at this time.

Member Concept Potential: Light


Before The Apocalypse

The time before the Apocalypse is not well understood by most of the Adventurers of this region. But it's known that this Kingdom was part of a large war between the three controlling Kingdoms of the region. It is only recent that they've come to work together.

The Apocalypse

There are a good number of Uncrowned who either escaped, or gave up within Kallamore Kingdom. Kallamore is unusual compared to Thor and Rosenheim, in that they allow Uncrowned to roam within their capital; though they are monitored, and most of them have gotten addicted to gambling and the hedonistic nature of the city. Those who are Crowned, are allowed to roam free, enter the Arena games, and are given more chances at monetary gain - leading to quite a lot of Adventurers to have given in, seeing most of their fellow Adventurers around them still behaving like 'Adventurers'. People in Kallamore have lost the least memories, though they would remember at least one large massacre of Adventurers in the early days, when multiple Adventurers tried to start a war and tried to take over the city by means of cheating and economic manipulation, and trying to introduce things such as 'banking loans', during which many of the Gladiators of the City and the Guardians ensured they were defeated. At which point they were Crowned in the Church on spawn. The Church has since been walled and doored up, as a warning to those who would go out there and fight without a Crown.

The Uncrowned are either pretending to be addicted to their slot machines and hedonistic ways, or are outside of the city, fighting. Some of them have found a way to live near the city of Taratects to the west, who seem to suspiciously leave them alone as long as they do not introduce too far into their territory - which is where some of them eventually founded Camp Wrath, led by Wrath. Life has however been incredibly harsh, with the combatants of Kallamore being the toughest and most brutal warriors in the entirety of the Palace Lands. It is strange that Lumina Cloth is a relatively 'safe' location in comparison to the outside lands, which keeps making it a shining lureā€¦ one that often leads to a prison with invisible bars made of economics and social pressure.

Root City: Lumina Cloth