Ezzo Empire

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The Bandits of the Waste


A broken and lawless nation, the remnants of a vast empire that collapsed under constant attacks from monsters. Nominally ruled by an emperor, it had no government when Elder Tale Online came out, which made it an ideal congregation spot for mercenaries and bandits. The Bandit King ruled these wastelands. Now, however, it is a bug-ridden place that can no longer support complex NPCs or players. Ezzo’s primary Wave element is Arcane (Dark), showing off its brutal spirit and aggressive actions. Its Root Town is Lia Fail, the Stone Of Destiny. Its color is Black.


The Monsters

At the end of the Scrapped Princess War, the Spriggan headed as far as possible from the other races. Everywhere, they were pushed out. Nowhere, did they find any level of acceptance, beyond ‘bare tolerance’. And flightless, much of their former fighting power had been lost. A few founded small outposts in the lands of the other kingdoms. A few started rebellions, only to be crushed. But with the monsters rising prominence, and the lack of any kind of protection, they were forced to work together.

The Spriggan joined each other in the formation of the Ezzo Empire, once they found a continent not populated by many of the other races. Largely, this was because this region was a wasteland. While the nomad Salamanders lived within the deserts, these wastelands were worse and unforgiving. Constant thunderstorms, rains that washed away any attempts at agriculture, and floodplains that was home only to the most dangerous of beasts even before the monsters showed.

They stuck together, creating defensive outposts across the land. They tried desperately to create a kingdom… but it all fell apart in the chaos and loathing. And soon, it turned into a land where everyone was out for themselves by necessity; a bandit king paradise.

Their survival came at the hand of the tools of war they still had, but their numbers never managed to grow, as they would steal the equipment from each other. However, their brutal war tactics aided in raiding even the more intelligent monsters.

The Adventurers Arrival

When the Adventurers arrived, the Ezzo Region was simply not an area of interest or access for them. As such, there was little in the ways of Adventurer interference in the area, and their opinion and awareness was limited to the rumors they heard coming from the other regions.

The Dark Times

When the Dark Times hit, the Ezzo Empire saw no change from the arrival of the monsters. The adventurers never helped them, and so, they continued to survive in the floodplains of Ezzo. Some of them refused to continue living the bandit life and left, joining some of the empires. Some of them ending up as illegal slaves to the Ninetails Dominion, others living on the very outskirts of their empires. On rare occasions, a barely accepted wiseman joining the ranks of an empire proper. But usually, the other races ensured, some way or another, that the acceptance was short-lived.

The Return of the Adventurers

When the Adventurers returned, some of them finally made it to the Ezzo Empire. Some of them Spriggan themselves, they revelled in the ‘hard mode’ of the Ezzo Empire region. Enormous and dangerous monster nests were finally being eradicated. The Ezzo Empire had never known ‘relief’, having lived in terror and despair for so many years, fighting just to survive. Fighting amongst each-other. The people were ready to welcome the Adventurers with open arms…

When the Apocalypse occurred, and the Cursed Wave shifted across the world.



The Ezzo Empire had no true Government; a lawless anarchy with a minor brand of meritocracy. There were multiple bandit kings, with one particular one known as /the/ Bandit King; the only one who would leave Ezzo to steal from other regions. But with the Cursed Wave, the Ezzo Empire is no more.

Opinion on Adventurers

Adventurers were welcomed with open arms when they came the second time and started clearing the impossible monster nests. But this relief lasted for but a year.