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Danmachi is a minor integration, with all of its non-god cast normalized into being simple players, with some of the tertiary cast remaining Landers. Its rating is reduced in order to make it appropriate for this MUSH, with character adjustments where needed as well - such as Bell Cranel's character arc being focused on his desire to be a 'Hero'.

The deities are instead known as Travelers. Instead of Guilds being revolved around these Travelers, Guilds remain under Alliances, with Travelers favoring people of various races instead as a Patron. In general, most of the Travelers live within Alne.

Appable Characters from Danmachi

The following list is not fully inclusive. It contains the Feature Characters we have prepared, or have otherwise already been applied for on this MUSH. None of the gods (Travelers) from this series are able to be applied for as characters.

 Character Status
Ais WallensteinOPEN
Bell CranelOPEN
Bete LogaOPEN
Riveria Ljos AlfOPEN