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For most intents and purposes, the Sword Art Online integration starts at the beginning of the first season of Sword Art Online, and diverges from there. The Sword Art Online Beta serves as the Beta period for this game. However, due to the passage of time between that, and Elder Tale Online, it is assumed that characters like Kirito are in fact older at the time that they pick up Elder Tale Online, with Kirito as a baseline being born in 1994.

Additionally, since there is a period of playing the game beforehand, there are certain characters who have found themselves with slightly different experiences within the game.

Integration Notes

It should be noted that things are different in regards to Extra Skills or Unique Skills. For example, Kirito's Dual Blades is not unique to him. Twin Blade class types are around. Wielding it with the precision and speed he does, however, would be a testament to the Adventurer himself - as is reaching the multi-hit levels he does. The same goes for most other such skills. This doesn't mean that the concept of Unique Skills does not exist. But it has a different meaning on this MUSH that will be revealed at a later time.

In regards to Aesthetics, as well as Skills & Abilities, note that the game leans more in the Alfheim Online direction.

Appable Characters from Sword Art Online

The following list is not fully inclusive. It contains the Feature Characters we have prepared, or have otherwise already been applied for on this MUSH.

 Character Status