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In general, if you can think of a common domesticated animal - or a typical wild animal - there's a version of it out in the Elder Tale Online world. If there is a specific kind of beast that represents a real-life counterpart in the file, you can assume the real-life counterpart does not exist.


The Earth Menagerie

The amount of ground-borne animals that have survived the monster incursions is a dwindling figure. However, there are some mainstays found all over the Yamato islands. What’s more, there are some beasts that have instead come to be within the Impossible Tower.



The Peko - pronounced ‘Pekko’ - are visually distinct flightless yellow-feathered birds and the only common riding beasts found all over the world. With their enormous feet, chubby bodies, and dark beaks with colorful swirls around them, they are a player favorite that has spawned a great deal of fanart... as well as lawsuits from a gaming company, Circlesoft, claiming copyright over a creature from their hit series game ‘First Fantasy’: Boko Boko.

These beasts of burden are kept by adventurer and knights alike for their quick ability to traverse terrain, and the ease of feeding; berries and some special nuts.

They’re well known for the ‘cute’ trait of wearing their own eggshell on their heads for the first few weeks of their development time. In the early stages of the game, it was always required the player to raise them from infancy to adult before riding them - but purchases and taming seem to work just fine these days.

Bun Buns

These unimaginatively named bunny-like creatures are known for their vicious appetite and are considered a plague rather than a wonder by the agricultural communities. There are mythical tales of the ‘Great Rabbit Plague’ that created the floodplains of Ezzo and the desert of the Salamander nomad region.

They are easily recognized by their pure white bodies, their red eyes, and tiny little horn at the tip of their head. Innocent and good as pets when alone, they are dangerous in an enormous group. The very reason they’ve managed to survive is how close they stick near the cities of people, or in enormous groups near monster nests, eating their weak.

Sylph and Pooka actively hunt these creatures, and commonly give out quests to deal with larger packs of them.

Felin & Canin

Felines are still common in the world, similar to the Canines. They are generally seen - not just in the Lander settlements, but close to most of the ground based races. They are not that different from their real world counterparts other than seeming a little more intelligent and loyal.

It is said that the Salamanders of old walked with the ‘Great Hounds’ in the past, massive canin they used for hunting. Other rumors contain things such as the Felin secretly being the Imps’ eyes and ears and other weird things of the like.


Reprising their role from the old Fragment game, Grunties are the strange pig-cow things that are statedly mimickers rather than sentient. Like birds that can talk, they are known to speak from time to time - but rarely is it anything meaningful. They are the clearest sign of the Fragment IP being purchased by CC Corp. Players are known to have trouble with the idea of these mimicking creatures, which even go out of their way to somehow find wigs or clothing to pretend to be Landers, being slaughtered for food. But it’s an accepted part of society.

Female Grunties are a main source of milk, and both male and females provide meat for a lot of cities. Much like Peko, they are surprisingly easy to raise. But they don’t just take seed and the like. It is said that various priceless objects breed even immortal Grunties that will forever provide milk. Though nobody has managed to substantiate this claim.

Cluck-Clucks, Quackers, Bleets & Bahas

Food and Wool. Chickens, Ducks, Sheep and Goats. These are seen commonly on farm within the world of Elder Tale. Though not as popular as Grunties for their food, or Peko for their traversal capabilities, they serve different purposes.

Cluck-Clucks are well known for their vicious pack behaviors and eggs that appear to be an ingredient for a disproportionate amount of food recipes. Quackers are known for their gorgeous colorful coats and feathers, as well as their eggs. Bleet wool is important for creating clothing, and Bahs are used for cheap milk.


The Feast of Colors

No special aerial beasts have been discovered by adventurers yet. This seems like intentional game design, trying to avoid aerial travel.


The Hidden Wonders of the Ocean

Due to the danger of aquatic travel, thanks to the Leviathans and their expansive domains, there are few special aquatic creatures known by the Adventurers.