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Race / Salamander

Sorcerer / Blademaster

Eldritch Knight

On Earth, Yao Shan was a simple office drone with a boring, dead-end life. Even the escapist fantasy of a VRMMO turned out to be unsatisfying, as work/life commitments meant not spending enough time in the game making Shiyang powerful or noteworthy. Being sent to another world, starting back at level 1, was actually a blessing of sorts. It allowed Yao Shan to fully live as Shiyang, to devote time to gaining strength and making friends, and discarding any reminders of an old, unsatisfying life. Shiyang distrusts those who cling to that other world, or worse those seeking to return to it. She fights for the honour of the Palace Lands against all enemies, foreign or local, with seemingly no qualms about coming into conflict with those who share a previous life.

"Did you really think you could get away with what you've done?" - Shiyang

Elder Tale Online


Additional Information

Alliance: N/A
Kingdom: Thor Kingdom
Skills: Investigate, Terminate, Interrogate, Castigate, Discriminate, Isolate, Repudiate, Escalate, Incapacitate, Perforate, Dominate, Annihilate, Exterminate, Eviscerate, Depopulate, Burninate.


Name Date Summary
Festival: Battle for the Beaches 2021 December 14th
The Palace Land navy shows up at the beaches of 'Aincrad Island', disrupting some ongoing festivities and forcing an evacuation of a small tent town.
War of Dragons: Invasion - Shibuya 2021 December 22nd
The Palace Land warriors move upon Shibuya's port with multiple ships, ready for combat - turning the region in a large combat theater intent on pushing out the Adventurers!

OOC: The end of this scene will mark the opening for Uncrowned characters from the Palace Land.
OOC: Warning, this is a Risky Scene. Memories are at serious risk.
My Cabbages! 2022 January 3rd
Refugees are crammed tight into Alne and the nearby Tower. Heavily defended by Adventurers, the town itself isn't an easy target for anything short of a full frontal assault. Shiyang chooses the strategic option: putting the pressure on them by going after an incoming supply train loaded down with food and construction materiel.
Dragon's Discovery 2022 January 12th
Shiyang has heard a few things she can't quite believe, and seeks to know the truth. What better way to get answers than to do something no true Adventurer could fail to investigate?
Duty Session 417: A Dark and Stormy Night 2022 January 15th
During the Storm Festival, it is common for Adventurers to gather indoors at a local inn or tavern. Any place to get away from the heavy rains and piercing wind. However, on one such Dark and Stormy Night, a Lander has come inside from the storm, bringing with them an unusual quest. They are tasked to brave the storm and face wind elementals in order to gather some strange alchemical ingredient.

OOC: This quest is only available during the Storm Festival. This quest is largely 'Combat'-concept based, with some minor uses of other concept types.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None
War of Dragons: Mac Anu (PL) 2022 February 5th
The Palace Landers dive into the depths of Mac Anu.

> Palace Land Antagonists Only.
War of Dragons: Invading Eas 2022 February 19th
The Palace Lands moves upon the largely abandoned town of Eas, in order to secure it for its forces, before it intends to move on to the other Fourland Dukedom locations. Intent on rooting out the Adventurers one area at a time. Will the Adventurers allow them to take a foothold here - after the defeat at Mac Anu?
War of Dragons: The Commune 2022 March 4th
An isolated commune of adventurers within the Ninetales Dominion has gone silent, no longer sending traders to the more populated cities of the Dominion. Palace Lands interference is suspected, but the Princes are reluctant to commit military force to what amounts to a scouting expedition. Instead, the Hunters Guild is asking for adventurers to investigate and, if possible, deal with the situation.

This is an investigation scene which may lead to PVE conflict, diplomatic negotiation, a stealth mission or other outcomes depending on what players choose to do and how skilled they are at their chosen tactics.
War of Dragons: The Commune II 2022 March 16th
After scouting out an isolated commune of adventurers, a small group determined the commune to be under the control of Palace Landers. They have called in for reinforcements, and the Ninetales Dominion is sending a force to wipe out the enemy. There is still a small village full of adventurers under Palace Lander control however, and who knows what might happen to them before the army arrives? Or for that matter what would happen as soon as the military response is detected?

This scene is a follow-up to The Commune but new participants are welcome. The approach may involve stealth, PVE, negotiation, or whatever other method as chosen by participants.
At the Dragon Inn 2022 March 30th
The invaders still control Shibuya so several of the Crowned Adventurers gather at it's tavern for some time to relax before the Palace Land Army decides on it's next big move against Yamato's ongoing resistance. Because even antagonists need some social interaction now and then.
War of Dragons: Shibuya - III 2022 June 22nd
The Adventurer and Lander Coalition moves upon Shibuya, bringing to bear enough forces to stand against the foreign invaders - in an attempt to remove them from Shibuya. But with their advance having been detected, the Palace Landers are waiting for them. The battle is sure to be fierce.
War of Dragons - Mac Anu III - Retreat 2022 August 3rd
As Mac Anu is returned to its rightful owners amidst the chaos of the 11th Wave of Calamity, the Guardians turn to aid the Yamatoans. The Palace Landers retreat. But a trap awaits them on the waters, designed to ensure that the Palace Land army will be weakened even further!