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Most of the theme for Log Horizon remains unchanged from the standpoint of a Log Horizon character, aside from differences in UI experience and the setup of the world. For most of the Log Horizon cast, the events before the start of the anime have little influence on what occurs in the anime. The players would have played Elder Tale Online for the year before the Apocalypse, after which things will diverge more heavily, as they are dropped to a base level and events unfold differently. There is an opportunity for some of them to also have been Elder Tale 'Offline' players, thus being more familiar with the Lore of the world. However, there is one important point of note, and that is the Debauchery Tea Party.

The Debauchery Tea Party

The public rumor is that the DTP was dissolved a few months before the Apocalypse. Reportedly, this was to have been caused by internal strife about how to continue dealing with the Bugged Monster existing on the 10th floor of Aincrad Tower, and the players' failure to defeat it.

Due to different FC experiences of these events, players are recommended to reach out to Admin about these events. There are Codex entries associated with this information.

Former Membership



Appable Characters from Log Horizon

The following list is not fully inclusive. It contains the Feature Characters we have prepared, or have otherwise already been applied for on this MUSH.

 Character Status
Misa TakayamaOPEN
Soujiro SetaCLOSED
William MassachusettsOPEN