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For the Adventurers, their Character Race is often a decision based on wanting to connect to a race's culture, looks, or Concept. Of course, for the People of the Land, their Race informs every part of their lives. Most Races tend to live in specific Kingdoms where their races are a partial majority.



Your alliance declares the general philosophical values your character holds within Elder Tale Online, as someone trapped within that world. Each alliance is made up of a series of Guilds who each take a different approach to achieve the same rough alliance objectives.


The Kingdom your character is associated with gives a Concept-based boon for the card based Resolution System. It also gives your character story-beat access to the Kingdom, and makes it easier to interact with its residents. Each Kingdom tends to have a 'typical' set of Races associated with it, that can serve to guide your choice.


There are Organizations outside of Factions, Guilds and Kingdoms. Many of these are organizations run by the People of the Land, such as the Hunters Guild.


Core Integration

Themes as part of our Core Integration inform the largest portions of this MUSH's meta-themes, aesthetics, and rules. We do not guarantee this list to be complete, as some themes may be integrated too far in the background to announce. In general, these integrations are made into our own theme, but retain important story-beats.

Secondary Integration

Themes as part of our Secondary Integration come in many weights. These range from Character Integrations, which bring very little of their original theme along - to Story Integrations, which simply provide story for smaller areas of the MUSH, or small pieces to add color to our metaplot. Some of these will be revealed and listed over time as they become known to the players of this MUSH.

Character Sheet

An OOC character's Sheet is made up of the following:

  • Concept Potential: Granted by Classes, Relics, Guilds, Race, Kingdoms, Professions. These infer what your character is inately capable of.
  • Project Points: An expression of your Cards on top of your Concept Potential. Also referred to sometimes as 'Concept Points'.
  • Card Points: The means through which you purchase cards. Decided by your Classes and modified by your activity.
  • Cards: Wave Artes and Sword Artes, as well as other special abilities. These are your character's method of combat.

Duty Finder